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Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga Sewa Kendra around different parts of Nepal are sister units of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris World Spriritual University (PBKWSU), established in India on 1994 B.S. (1937 A.D.).


This Godly institution is actively involved in humanly services of spiritual nature of imparting spiritual knowledge and teaching the method of Rajyoga meditation. The teachings of spirituality and practice of Rajyoga meditation enables a human being to identify one's true inner-self, gives a measure of the divine treasures and potentiality within which helps to develop one's personality accordingly.


With this familiarization of own real identity and personality and a clear view of the world around one senses his/her enhanced role in the world drama. The clear view and knowledge of the inner spirit gained through the spiritual theory and practice of the Rajyoga meditation makes possible to develop a personality free of tension, jealousy, greed, ego, weaknesses and limitations based on self centered views.


This holistic approach of looking at things facilitates in arousing an inner mechanism of generating self motivation in a person by developing an outlook to follow spirituality while dealing practically every life situation. The knowledge and experience imparted by this institution enables a person to face problems of life in a calm, composed and confident manner and to stand like a rock in the midst strong storms of circumstances.


Only such a person can lead a life of inner satisfaction and kindle in others a stable faith in goodness. In fact, such a person brings honour to the whole of humanity and the nation.


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"May our mother earth long lastingly be peaceful, prosperously comfortful and strikingly beautiful", this is a common desire and contemplation of every single imagenious mind. In order to give the shape of reality to this imminent visualization, which step has to be given priority is a moot and significant query... Read More

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