Remain incognito, introverted and introspective..

Dear friends,

Om shanti. Each of us has a special part to play. We play these parts while being detached from the situations of the world and very loving. We have to remain incognito, introverted and introspective. These aspects are very valuable. Even a small amount of extroversion can prevent you from remaining soul conscious. Spend time in solitude. Now, be a yogi in action; yoga is very powerful.

Yes, there are many activities that need to be carried out, but you still have to take time for your own benefit. Check your head, heart and vision. Keep an honest heart, keep courage, and take the 1000 fold help that God is giving.

When the mind and intellect are pure, the soul becomes elevated. Become simple and you will automatically be a sample and inspire others.

With love,

BK Janki